US Patent Award July 18, 2017 Multiple service distributed-antenna system

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The RF signal sources are distributed along the leaky feeder to optimize both spectrum use and coverage of predetermined areas in, for example, office or apartment buildings.

The following table lists examples of services that may be provided in the embodiments described in this disclosure; however, the list is not exhaustive, and provision of other services, now known or later developed, may be also be implemented through the same system, whereby the system may be said to be “future proofed”:

  • Cellular 700 MHz long-term evolution (LTE) data, 800 MHz voice, 1900 MHz personal communication service (PCS), 2100 MHz AWS services.
  • HD TV, low-power TV, 600-700 MHz high definition digital television local low power TV services.
  • Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz Internet access hotspot services.
  • Broadband Internet 5.8 GHz high speed Internet services.
  • FM radio, translators 88-108 MHz services.
  • Voice-over-IP (VOIP) 2.4 GHz telephone access services.
  • Public Safety 150, 450, 800 MHz portable radio services.
  • Two-Way radio 150, 450, 800 MHz repeater services.
  • Enhanced-911 (E911) GPS 1100, 1500 MHz global positioning services.