Cellular Enhancement Solutions

In-Building Cellular Coverage is Getting Worse

Dead zones, dropped calls, no service…we’ve all experienced it. In-building cell phone coverage isn’t an amenity—it’s a necessity! The problem is getting worse because modern eco-friendly building materials are highly reflective of cellular signals.

Consideration of Responsibility

Cell phone carriers are responsible for getting their cell signals TO THE BUILDING — it is the building owner’s responsibility to propagate the signal THROUGH THE BUILDING. Yet, according to the US government only 6% of commercial buildings are served by in-building cellular signal enhancement systems, plus it is estimated in-building cell and data traffic will grow 700% by 2020. An in-building cellular enhancement system will ensure tenants are connected and loyal to the building owner.

Why IBT Connect

We assess where signal strength is weak and we only fix what’s not working. Our detailed site survey ensures signals are amplified where needed and according to FCC and carrier grade standards. Every property needs to have ample cell phone coverage for tenant satisfaction. Your custom tailored wireless enhancement solution enables your building occupants to stay connected, productive, and safe.

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