The Importance of In-Building Emergency Responder Radio Signal Coverage

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A note from one of our founders, Raul Guerra…

I recently spoke with a (now retired) Fire Chief who told me the main reason he’s become a strong advocate for in-building Emergency Responder Radio Coverage (ERRC) systems is because the most frequent 1st responders inside commercial buildings are EMTs responding to calls for stroke, heart attack, or injury.

The problem is that EMTs are generally directed by a physician as an extension of his/her license, and if they cannot reach a physician to begin immediate treatment, (2-way radio or phone won’t work from inside the building) they lose valuable time, the golden hour, moving the patient outside the building.

Attention Tenants and CREs! Ask the building owner if the property has been tested to ensure first responders are able to communicate via their 2-way radios from inside the building.

Attention Building Owners! Building owners need to ensure that EMTs are able to communicate from inside the building as a critical life safety feature for every tenant and occupant of their building.

If you would like to have your building tested for 2-way radio communication contact us!