IBT News

  • Johnson Controls International Building Technologies & Solutions Subcontractor - Intelligent Building Technology (IBT Connect) is proud to announce that we have been awarded authorization to be a subcontractor for Johnson Controls International Building Technologies & Solutions.  IBT Connect provides cellular signal solutions that enhances cellular signal inside buildings. We perform cellular signal and emergency signal surveys to determine signal penetration within a building then  … Read more

  • US Patent Award July 18, 2017 Multiple service distributed-antenna system - The RF signal sources are distributed along the leaky feeder to optimize both spectrum use and coverage of predetermined areas in, for example, office or apartment buildings. The following table lists examples of services that may be provided in the embodiments described in this disclosure; however, the list is not exhaustive, and provision of other  … Read more

  • US Patent Pending Revolutionary Signal Survey Device - RF signal strength levels (public safety, cellular, etc.…) are quickly and precisely measured and recorded. On-line access is made available to AHJ’s, building owners, and RF engineers at little to no cost. This patent pending device was developed to help city agencies and First Responders ensure that they can communicate effectively within an enclosed environment  … Read more

  • F-CAC Firefighter Communications Work Group IBT Connect Participates in F-CAC Firefighter Communications Work Group - IBT Connect is honored to be part of the F-CAC Firefighter Communications Work Group.  This workgroup is concentrating on defining 2018 IFC Section 510 by modifying the current 2015 specifications to better fit with other codes such as NFPA and improve the practical application in the field. The workgroup members are from a diverse background  … Read more