Services: Pre-construction, under construction, post-construction


Measure – IBT Connect has developed unique patent pending technologies and methods to measure received signal strength indicator (RSSI) throughout the building—efficiently and cost effectively. The most important aspect public safety signal measurement is measuring the RSSI into and out of the building. IBT Connect uniquely offers this service level at no cost to the jurisdiction and at minimal cost to the building owner.  This is the differentiator that differentiates IBT Connect from all RF system integrators.

Design – IBT RF engineer design team develops preliminary design which includes number, locations, and azimuth readings for rooftop antennas as well as numbers and location of bi-directional signal amplifiers and number and locations of in-building signal distribution antennas.  For Public Safety amplification systems, the system design is submitted to the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) for approval before any work begins.

Implement – Implementation starts on the roof and works their way down floor-by-floor.  Important note:  As cables are run and amplifiers and antennas are installed, the installation team uses precise signal measurement devices and techniques to ensure signals from all carriers and city repeater are measured.

Optimize – IBT engineers use the latest measurement technology to fine tune signal levels throughout the areas needing coverage.  Tests are made for noise and interference levels and for complete compliance with INF/NFPA Code requirements and cell carriers.

Commission– We’re not finished until you’re satisfied the job is complete. We will walk the building with you to ensure you are able to make calls from every part of the building and for Public Safety installations, we will work with the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to obtain their agreement and sign-off that the system meets code requirements.

Monitor and Support – With the installation process completed, we provide ongoing monitoring and support for all of our systems because at the end of the day, electrical components and technology do fail, and in the event this occurs, we want to have the parts and expertise on hand to get your system back up and running with as little downtime as possible.