Building Owners: What to Look for in a Wireless Solutions Provider

DifferentiatorsIBT’s Cellular Enhancement System Differentiators

  • Over 60 years RF design expertise and experience plus 9 RF wireless design patents
  • Carrier grade and FCC approved technology
  • Latest signal measurement equipment and spectrum analyzers
  • Detailed implementation planning to ensure little to no disruption for tenants

For Public Safety emergency responder systems:

  • Collaboration with jurisdiction code enforcement officials and Authority Having Jurisdiction
  • Test, Monitor, Support, Annual re-test
  • Signal strength assessment for transmit and receive

System monitoring and support

  • Code compliant
  • Custom service level agreements

When comparing wireless infrastructure solution providers, ask about these service features:

  • Signal Strength Assessment: Do they provide signal strength audits and surveys that identify specific dead spots on each floor of the building for all carriers and design tailored solution suited to your building’s needs?
  • Standards: Do they use standardized equipment such as antennas, couplers, splitters, etc. to minimize component swap-out for new or future frequency bands?
  • Efficient: Is power distribution survivable and backed up by batteries that conserves energy and space?
  • Design Engineering: Can they deliver a design that is both code compliant and meets carrier RF standards and performance requirements?
  • Future Proof: Can they provide an integrated backbone that supports convergence of Wi-Fi, RF, location services, and other RF technologies?
  • Support: Do they provide monitoring and support to ensure the system is 100% operable from day 2 on?
  • Flexibility: Do they use software defined radios and equipment with programmable digital filters?
  • Options: Do they provide flexible funding and financing models to optimize CAPEX, OPEX, tax, future asset valuation, and other financial considerations?

Find a wireless infrastructure solution provider that can guide you through all the technical and regulatory requirements of a system, and just as importantly, bring new and creative ideas to the table to minimize cost, maximize efficiency, and lay a solid technology infrastructure foundation that will future-ready your buildings for the evolving wireless future.