IBTConnect™ boosts wireless signals indoors, transforming conventional buildings into Intelligent Buildings capable of delivering ubiquitous cellular coverage while at the same time providing the foundation for a future of connected services.

IBTConnect™ benefits

Seamless Coverage

IBTConnect™ delivers seamless cellular and wireless signal coverage throughout the entire building, eliminating “dead zones” and improving customer experience.

Future Proof Solution

IBTConnect™ provides a platform to optimize all wireless frequencies, laying the foundation to harness the possibilities made available through the emerging area of “connected home” services

Customer Retention

IBTConnect™ can help you improve building occupancy and tenant retention rates by offering residents an unequaled breadth of technology related amenities.

Market Differentiator

IBTConnect™ allows you to stand out from the crowd by offering residents a ‘cell phone friendly’ living environment and differentiates your residence as a  ‘connected community’.

New Revenue Streams

IBTConnect™ enables you to increase your revenue per apartment by offering residents value added services.

Cost Savings

IBTConnect™ can unlock significant cost savings by reducing energy waste, through advanced energy management services enabled by our platform.


Demand for in-building coverage is growing exponentially accompanying the rapid changes in technology and consumer behavior.  With the proliferation of smartphones, connected devices and cloud-based services, this trend is expected to continue unabated,  all of which make reliable, robust coverage inside buildings critical to the customer experience.

Today, it is estimated that 80% percent of all mobile voice and data connections occur indoor. Yet, of the approximately 30 billion square meters of commercial real estate worldwide, only 2% percent have dedicated in-building cellular coverage systems. In the residential real estate arena, this figure is estimated to be even lower due primarily to the cost and complexity of conventional DAS systems. With IBTConnect™, all of this is about to change.

More than just simply boosting cellular signals, IBTConnect™ optimizes all wireless frequencies and at the same time provides the foundation to enable a wide array of  intelligent building solutions.

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Additional Services

Wireless Security

Energy Management

Hi Speed Internet

Social Wifi

Phone Service

Internet of Things

About Us

IBT was founded by James E. Treatch, serial inventor and technology entrepreneur, with a long and respected track record of business success. Over his storied career, Mr. Treatch has established and sold more than a half dozen companies in the telecommunications and healthcare industries. He also holds several patents for innovative technologies in these respective industries and in 2015 began IBT to solve the growing problem of poor in-building cellular coverage in an increasingly mobile first world.

With his characteristic passion, Mr. Treatch assembled a team of recognized wireless professionals with wide ranging, global experience in pioneering technologies and industry leading firms. Together, our company’s sole focus and mission is to provide our customers with exceptional, value driven solutions to the unique challenges of in-building communications.


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IBT is a turnkey provider of in-building communications, adept in all aspects of solution delivery from site surveys, design and installation to testing, maintenance and project management services.

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